The Fashion Designer

Serena Logozzo, born in Italy on 8/12/1987 in Perugia, has revealed serious interest in graphic arts at an early age.

After attending the lower secondary school annexed to the Art Institute B. di Betto, she continues her studies by enrolling in the experimental course at the same Art Institute, graduating in Art of Fashion and Costume with full marks (100 / 100).

Fascinated by the mix of creativity, expression and painstaking precision that characterise the world of high fashion and theatre, she engages and successfully passes the entrance exam at the Koefia International Academy of High Fashion in Rome.

The years in the capital city give her the opportunity to enlarge her cultural baggage, both by means of her studies and by participating in numerous exhibitions and conferences offered by the fervent artistic background of Rome, that put her in contact with the work of great designers such as Valentino and Sarli.

During her academic career she participates with some of her works in exhibitions such as “SottoPunti d’Arte” at the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum, fashion shows including "The High Fashion Derby” at Capannelle Racecourse and the Fashion Show for AltaRoma " Ethic Fashion" which is also the Final Work for the Degree.

Once she completes the academy with honors she takes part in the XIX National Contest “Professione Moda Giovani Stilisti Riccione Moda Italia”, organized by CNA Federmoda Emilia Romagna and she is among the top 6 finalists.

In 2010, Koefia International Academy of High Fashion asks her to represent Koefia at the “Association of Textile Arts Valcellina Award” as invited emerging artist. On this occasion she exhibits one of her sculptural dresses and participates in the international meeting of cultures called “Pecha Kucha Night”.

In 2011 she has the first work experiences in the industrial field for wedding dresses and spouses fashion in Rome and Terni respectively.
In June of 2012 she participates as a candidate in the XVII National Contest for Young Designers - Under the Sky of Genzano (Rome) with the theme "the 4 elements of nature" and she is chosen as a finalist for the category "earth". She wins the 1st prize for the category and the 1st prize of the entire edition of the contest.

In June 2013, the debut of the first collection of wedding dresses (The Pink Flamingos) as the opening fashion show of the XVIII edition of the National Contest for Young Designers - Under the Sky of Genzano (Rome), in which she is also named as a member of the committee.

Later she receives the Castel Award for the creativeness, proposing the collection in Castel Gandolfo (Rome). The wonderful experience as an independent artist gives her the inspiration to found Recidiva Spouses in January 2014.

Spouses fashion has represented the perfect marriage of creativity and the opportunity to wear it and not just to look at it, by means of dresses that offer every woman the occasion to live the magnificence of the " haute couture red carpet" even just for one day.