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Mission & Vision

Recidiva is a young company born from the need to make the most of all those artistic and handmade features in the field of fashion which have been undermined by the awful crisis of the last two decades. Quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction are the foundation of the corporate productivity which has a significant expertise in the field of haute couture, using specific techniques such as moulage, in synergy with the Italian-style high fashion. The vision of Recidiva is to become a business model that educates the buying behavior from a hectic to an aware one and increasingly transmits the values of transparency, rigor and accountability which underpin the company.

Recidiva and Quality

Recediva’s main goal is the constant improvement of reliability of all its products by preventing and eliminating sources of defects in every production phases with an accurate quality control. Creativity, rigor and efficiency are the main ingredients for the creation of unique items aimed at customer satisfaction.

Recidiva and the aware and eco-sustainable consumption

Recidiva guarantees a pure made in Italy, following each production phase in the laboratory of the company, ensuring transparency and traceability now rare. As well, extremely interested in the concept of sustainability, Recidiva respects environment and provides the opportunity to purchase also 100% natural dresses in terms both of raw materials and colours.